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About The Whiteside Foundation


The Whiteside Foundation is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization that was founded by Allison Whiteside in 2020. Allison was determined at a young age to make it to the big city of Atlanta, Georgia from her small hometown and make a living for her and her daughter. Becoming a single mother at a young age fueled Allison to make a way for her only daughter at that time and to make sure that she was provided with the resources that she need to become successful and prosperous. Education was a big priority for her. She successfully put all three of her children through college.

The goals of the Whiteside Foundation are:

  • To ensure that students of single parent homes are presented with an opportunity of a college education through financial assistance.

  • To preserve the traditions and missions of HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) as well as advocate on their behalf.

  • To pay forth a token of hope to student and their families that are planning to pursue a college education.

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